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This year a very generous anonymous donor has opted to provide $2500 worth of private voice lessons with me in 2014 in honor and memory of my mother, Dona K. Wyatt. Vocal Arts Collective will be accepting a short essay as the application for this scholarship. I have matched the amount donated by the sponsor that then provides one student with 50 weeks of voice lessons in 2014. In your essay, please explain why you feel passionate about singing and how being able to study voice will enrich your life. There is no age limit and the deadline for submission is December 15th, 2013. We will review the essays and announce the recipient by the end of 2013. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who has been wanting to learn to sing.

The entire concept of the scholarship was born of the idea of “paying it forward.” My mother, Dona Wyatt passed away on January 2nd, 2013 after a long battle with statin induced atypical Parkinsonism. I requested that people do something kind for someone else either known or a stranger in lieu of sending flowers. The scholarship donor, like myself, is very interested in promoting good health both physically and emotionally, and we both believe that music has the ability to heal, elevate, illuminate and open up your own life to wonderful new experiences.

Please submit your essay to info@vocalartscollective.com and please include your name and contact information. We will announce the recipient of the scholarship by December 31, 2013. Good luck!

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Vocal Arts Collective

We don’t just teach, we WORK!!! At Vocal Arts Collective, each one of our instructors is a consistently working professional vocalist.

Vocal Arts Collective is a group of professional working vocalists with an interest in bringing the love of the vocal arts to young people in Los Angeles. All formally trained and consistently working vocalists, Vocal Arts Collective offers a unique perspective in each lesson, focusing not only on the mechanics of vocal production, but also educating the aspiring vocalist on what to expect in the business world of music. We can help coach for auditions, train a budding opera singer, teach safe pop belting technique and get the young singer prepared for almost any real world situation. Our training is athletic and detailed, informative and fun. We focus on mastering the vocal mechanism, which we consider to be the entire body. From posture, to breathing to understanding how muscles work together to produce tone, we train the body to be stronger and consistent, helping overcome pitch problems, nerves, and improving tone and power. It is also our belief that being taught by example is the best way. By learning from people who are DOING, the budding vocalist gets the best possible vantage point from which to apply the lessons. The instructors of Vocal Arts Collective gig, tour, record, and do so consistently. Understandably there are times when certain instructors are not available because of these commitments, but we consider that a good thing and will do everything we can to reschedule lessons to fit your time needs. At Vocal Arts Collective we come to you, assess the student and devise a plan of action for training the young vocalist in the safest and fastest way possible. Each vocalist is different and will have unique needs. We are trained to identify those points and address them. We can guarantee that you will feel and hear a difference in your singing in one lesson.

Vocal Arts Collective’s instructors come to your home because we want the process to be as convenient and comfortable for the students and parents as possible. We provide a keyboard if there is not one readily available, speakers, ghost tracks for outside practice and song editing services (at an additional fee). Space is limited and a passion for music is a must.



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